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Since 1950, we’ve been producing candles for many occasions. Started in a small shop in Surabaya – Indonesia, Biola Candle has grown into one of Indonesia’s most recognized brands for candles. Today, Biola Candle has over 50 different kinds of candles; varying from birthday & decoration candles to candlesticks.

Find our products at party shops, bakery supply shops, or other major grocery shops near you. Our candles are distributed nation-wide.


Sejak tahun 1950, kami memproduksi aneka lilin. Dimulai dari sebuah garasi kecil, saat ini Pabrik Lilin Biola sudah berkembang menjadi salah satu pabrik lilin terbesar di Surabaya, Indonesia. Kami memproduksi lilin penerangan, lilin ulang tahun, dan lilin dekorasi.

Temukan produk kami di toko bahan kue terdekat maupun distributor lokal kami yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia.

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Temukan produk-produk Lilin Biola di toko-toko bahan kue, maupun supermarket terdekat anda.

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